Thriving in the Kitchen

As part of my NTP program I am required to do a community project. We are free to choose what to do for the project and I chose to create a resource intended to help transition clients (and family and friends) to a real food diet. There is a ton of advice on what real foods to eat (on the web, from nutritionists, in books, etc.) but I think it is harder to find advice on how to make the transition happen. My goal is that with this resource, someone trying to transition will feel confident that they can leave the house in the morning with a fat and protein filled breakfast rather than grabbing a bagel with coffee. Or that they can get a nutritious dinner on the table with a few minutes of effort instead of swinging through fast food after soccer practice.

I am a planner by nature and I enjoy putting together meal plans every week, prepping enough food to get us through whatever activities we have, and finding the best deals on nutrient dense food. I put this together so that people who aren’t quite as Type A can follow tips and tricks to make the change to real food feel like something they can achieve. I’ve spent a lot of time improving how I shop, plan, and cook to maximize time and budget, while still putting the best food for my family on the table. I love sharing this type of information with anyone who is interested in learning and I hope you enjoy!

Click Here to Open the PDF Guide


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