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Doodle Date & Free Yoga

A few weeks ago we invited our friend (and co-worker, cause that’s just how we do things in the Martin house) Katelyn and her husband, Will, to bring their dog over to our place. Winston is a two year old full-sized Goldendoodle. He’s become more blonde in the last year (we’re not sure if this will happen with Alfred or not), but looking at “baby” pictures of the two of them it’s nearly impossible to tell which is which. They played in the backyard for a while and got to know each other. I think as Alfred looses some of his annoying puppy behaviors they will enjoy playing together even more.


I gave up trying to get great shots of two moving beasts, but Katelyn was persistent and sent me some pictures. Alfred now has two BFFs, we just need to find him a girlfriend.


In other news, I checked out the Amazon Prime yoga offerings last night. I already pay a pretty penny for my monthly CrossFit dues so I don’t really want to pay for a yoga studio as well. But I’m trying to be smart about not over training at the gym and mixing in enough mobility work. I did a beginner’s yoga workout and it was okay. I couldn’t find anything that was just about yoga and not also about toning or strengthening. Kind of annoying so I might try to come up with my own routine.


The last time I tried to workout at home I was accosted by a furry ball of energy to the point where it was, well, pointless. Amazing how a few months make a difference; Alfred laid on the ottoman and watched me but had no interest in joining after spending a few minutes barking at the threatening, soft yoga-man voice.

Happy Thursday, friends & mom! I am ready for the weekend. I always feel like the weeks after we’ve been out of town are super long and unorganized.

Current State

A few days ago, Holly blogged about the January Whole30 that the pretty people at Whole9 are putting on next month. I had been ignoring it for a wide variety of reasons, some of which include: It’s my birthday month, we’re going to Portland, my parents are coming to visit, etc. But when Holly wrote about it I finally decided to ignore my excuses instead and go for it. Today she noted that 100 people who read her blog are jumping in, too. So I’m not alone in feeling like a holiday failure I suppose. I’m actually kinda sorta looking forward to doing it with all these ladies (who I don’t know and am totally assuming are ladies).

Along with throwing out a little support for those of us who will be joining her, she wrote about her current state of health. I could mostly just steal hers, but she is right that level setting with yourself just why are you taking on this challenge is a smart thing to do. It’s not easy, I’ve done it before. It’s saying no to a lot of yummy food. It’s ordering really strangely at work lunches (or skipping out on them). It’s spending a lot of time in the kitchen. It’s coming up with weird excuses to not meet up with people for a drink. And great, I just thought of this: We’re newlyweds. How many annoying, coy winks am I going to get from people who think I’m pregnant? For the record, I’M NOT PREGNANT, MOM.

Anyway, here’s my current state of health and why I’m going to go to Portland for my birthday and not consuming Voodoo donuts or delicious Pinot Noir tastings:

  • Photophobia: What happens when I hit that certain fat stage and am terrified of all pictures taken of me. 
  • Fat Face: The main cause of photophobia.
  • Muffin Top: Umm, so today I found myself pulling my jeans above my muffin top while sitting at my desk.
  • Shitty Sleep: It’s terrible and I’m not nice when I’m tired. I’m so tired lately.
  • Laaaaaaazy: Side effect of shitty sleep. I’m not getting any exercise, which also makes me very short tempered.
  • Spotty arms: Weird red bumps on my arms that go away when I eat better.
  • Tummy Issues: Me and dairy are not a match made in heaven, but I’ve mentioned more than once my eggnog latte obsession this year. Seriously, right now I’m thinking about how amazing one will taste in the morning.

There’s probably more, but that’s enough to get me motivated to make some changes. I’m not starting the Whole30 early (please! I have our NYEE party and a good friends birthday to eat and drink my way through), but I am turning things around a bit. I joined Talia at her hot yoga studio tonight for a yoga sculpt class, I signed up for a January On-Ramp class at a new CrossFit box by our new house, and I made chili for dinner. It’s been a long time since I’ve cooked on a weeknight. And, I’m about to hit publish, go to bed, and try to get some decent sleep. Anyone else feeling like a giant, unmotivated blimp after December? There is hope!

Combating the Winter Blues

I’m wiling to admit that I was not the most fun person to live with last winter. And frankly, my life wasn’t very fun either. I complained to no end about how much I hated Seattle winter. And, surprise, surprise, I just kept hating it more.

This year I’ve vowed to change my tune. No one (normal) actually likes Seattle winter, but it’s here for six months a year so one just needs to deal if one wants to take advantage of the benefits of life in the PNW. Of which there are many, but right now we’re talking about how I’m going to combat the winter blues.

1. Clothes 

Last year I just sort of adapted my San Francisco clothes as best I could. That doesn’t work. You end up cold and wet, which is scientifically known to double the amount of complaining you do when your husband gets home from work. This year I’ve ditched the big shopping sprees at cheap stores in leu of buying some quality winter gear. You know what? I don’t even notice that I’m wearing the same pieces over and over because I’m comfortable. Funny how that works.

The top four pieces I’ve learned to not live without: Wool boots, rain boots, scarves, and a rain coat.

PicMonkey Collage

2. Moving

I am one of those people who gets a total high from working out. I’m also one of those people that likes to go to bed at 6:30 when it’s dark and cold out. I need to find some middle ground and move more in the winter. Not only will the endorphins hit, maybe I can avoid my pants getting even tighter. Ugh. Topic for another post! I’m calling my plan the 2×3. Not really, but I just made it up and it works. I’m going to run twice a week, practice yoga twice a week, and CrossFit twice a week. Running = endorphins. I actually like running, which I hear (but don’t understand) is weird. Yoga is done in a hot room. Heat makes me happy. Easy. And CrossFit is my bribe to myself. If I do it for two months twice a week on my own, I can join a box again.

3. Self Care

I’ve been *blessed* with a throat that pics up any viral or bacterial infection within a 2 mile radius. Being sick makes me grumpy and will bring down my resolve to fight the winter blues. I’m going to sleep, eat healthy, and take my vitamin D. Last night I went to bed at midnight, I don’t know where my vitamin D bottle is, and I just had ice cream as a side dish to my Rogan Josh. It seems I have some improving to do in this category. Good think I enjoy a challenge.

4. Winter Getaway

We nixed the getaway last year since we had the wedding and honeymoon. Two words: Bad idea. This year we’re going to Phoenix for a long weekend in March. Cheap (free miles, free hotel), easy (two hour flight, no time zone changes), and warm.



Here’s the deal. I have a loving husband, a family I adore, awesome friends, a warm home (two, even!), a sweet puppy, and pretty much any other thing I want. So maybe I just need to shut the f*** up about winter. Yeah, it’s cold. It’s wet. It’s dark. It’s gray. (I never said this post was a sales pitch for Seattle.) But who cares. I choose to live here. I get to live here. There are literally millions of people in this world who dream about about living here and having maybe 1% of what I’m lucky enough to call mine. So this winter I’m going to vow to just STFU about winter. I have a lot to be thankful for and when the going gets tough, I’m going to do my best to dwell on this instead.

Wish me luck, friends! We’re almost at the first milestone of winter, the solstice. While the next two weeks are exceedingly painful for lack of daylight, it only gets better after the 21st!