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Eating Out Paleo: Sushi

My life is one where eating at home 100% of the time is just not practical. I’m in a city, a professional, and the majority of my friends are either unmarried or married without kids. Social activities tend to revolve around food and drink. I eat at home as much as practical without becoming a hermit, and then I do a lot of research before trying something new. (most of the time) I am able to make good, Paleo friendly* decisions.

Last night I took a friend to dinner for her birthday at our favorite sushi place. This was my first time eating here since going Paleo and I knew my old order of edamame and splitting a few rolls with her was not Paleo friendly.

At the heart of every Paleo meal is a protein, a fat, and a vegetable. Rice, soy sauce, and edamame are off limits. So I planned from there. One of the keys to me being successful with Paleo away from home is planning what I’m going to eat before I get to the restaurant.  Restraunts with online menus and those that I’ve been to before are priceless.

Protein was easy, a nice plate of mixed sashimi. My guess is this is not wild caught, but my philosophy is to make Paleo work for me, and there is only so much I can control.

Fat was a little more difficult. I had a hard time finding anything on it’s own as a fat source, and I’m hoping there was some (good) oil in one of the dressings. I need to work on this next time I eat sushi out. Maybe a riceless avocado roll?

A veggie was easy. I could have stayed strictly Paleo and asked for a side of steamed veggies. But, I love the cool and light feeling of a sushi meal and was craving seaweed salad. The seaweed itself is a veggie, but my guess is the dressing had vinegar and possibly a bit of sugar.

We also ordered a cucumber and seafood salad. Double points for veggies and protein, but I’m sure the dressing had similar no-nos to the seaweed salad.

Lastly, I knew I needed something for fish dipping. Eating a plate of raw fish with nada for dipping was not going to work. Soy sauce is out, but organic, gluten-free tamari sauce is Pale0 friendly. Made from soy beans (fermented, not processed), but wheat/gluten free. Pick your battles and enjoy a meal with a friend! Wasabi, it turns out, is a plant root. I loaded up my tamari with as much as I could take. Note though that wasabi in many places in questionable. There could be other ingredients added so if you are being super strict, best to ask how they make their wasabi.

I consider my first Paleo sushi experience a success. In my research for the dinner, I came across many recipes for Paleo sushi, some of which I hope to try soon.

*This is my term for foods that might not be 100% Paleo, but are pretty close. Examples include maybe a bit of dairy, vinegar, non-Paleo oil, or a sauce where I don’t know every single ingredient.

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