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Project 365: March Favorite

We crashed the Slalom Recruiting Summit dinner tonight at the Columbia Tower. Instead of going to the Sounders game as we had planned, we gave away our tickets and joined our good friend Alicia, and about 55 other Slalom recruiters, and dined and sipped overlooking amazing views of the Puget Sound. Slalom headquarters is in the white building right in the center.

One of the first times I got to use my new camera and I had such a neat view from the 90 something floor of the tallest building in Seattle. We ended up going back again for another dinner, but it wasn’t the sort of event at which I could start snapping more pictures. The room has views of downtown as well as the Sound, it’s beautiful. I wish it had been big enough for our wedding reception, though I’m super excited about the Dome Room!

Project 365: February Favorite

On Sunday morning we went for a walk near Julie and Jamie’s place with their elderly beagle, Regal. The walk we took on a “mountain” (the East Coast has a different definition of what makes a mountain) had view points where you could see a gorgeous panoramic of midtown Manhattan. I already want to go back for a very New York weekend: a boutique hotel near Central Park, fall leaves, hot chocolate. Hint hint, honey – this would be a great first anniversary trip! 😉

It took this picture over President’s Day weekend when Greg and I were visiting with Jamie and Julie in New Jersey. Five months later, I’m still really wanting to go back to New York for another weekend, preferably on the way to London. If only airfare over New Years wasn’t so expensive!

Project 365: January Favorite

This project started as a way to document the year as we prep for our wedding in September. I spent many nights in December addressing Save the Date cards to be sent out in January. I can’t believe I’m getting married in just 8 months!

This was my very first picture of the year, Greg and I were just a few days away from sending out the wedding Save the Dates. It’s also the only picture in January where it looks like I know something about photo composition. Not that I’m an expert today, but I can look back and definitely see improvement over the seven months. I can’t believe the year is already more than halfway done. And lastly, it appears from my comment that day that I can’t count. The wedding was in fact 9, almost 10, months from then.

Project 365: April Favorite

Greg ended his three weeks of long trips to Chicago on Thursday so we planned a couch date night to catch up on our Hulu queue and relax for Friday. It was the perfect night to break out the bottle of bubbly KII and Becca gave us for our engagement. How cute is that cork? On the bottom of the cork it had a star. I love little details like that.

I was pretty proud of the depth of field I got with this picture. I actually had already taken my photo of the day when we opened this bottle. We both thought the happy face on the cork was so cute. I grabbed my camera and just wanted to get a quick picture of the detail. Turned out to be one of the better first pictures I took with my new camera!

Project 365: May Favorite

My Project 365 is really helping to improve my photography skills, but it’s killing my blogging! I spend a lot of my free time keeping up with a picture a day. I thought it would be fun to put my favorite picture from the month on my blog, with the comment that I posted with the picture.

Today is a record for rainfall on May 3rd. We broke the previous record set in 1977. The rain makes me want to go have a drink instead of hit the treadmill. Maybe both?

My favorite picture from May was from a day when I seriously would have moved away from Washington had I had an option at that moment. Maybe that’s dramatic, but it was horrible rain in May and the news just kept talking about how it was setting a 30+ year record. As soon as I got home and saw the window I knew I wanted a picture that reflected my mood – the only thing that was clear was the rain and everything else just seemed blurry. It’s probably the first picture where I was able to really capture how I was feeling with a photo. (Thankfully it’s June now and when it rains it’s at least in the 50s!)