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panorama love

I love panorama photos. There is something magical to me about seeing the full scene and not just a subject. The problem is I always seem to forget about them until there is a scene I want to capture that does’t fit in a standard photo. After watching Greg take one on the beach, I decided to make it my mission for the rest of our trip to get as many panoramas as possible. As an unintended bonus, they will look awesome as full page spreads in the Blurb book I eventually make of our trip.


IMG_3597_edited-1 IMG_3594_edited-1

picking up goat cheese from Surfing goat dairy // sunset across the street from our condo // hers & his beer tasting at the Maui Brew Company // less exciting sunset while waiting for a sushi restaurant to open // view from “our seats” at the pool every day

I found that not completing the full panorama (i.e. going until the arrow hits the end of the line) allows you to still fit more in your photo but not have the distortion. I played around with various lengths (?) which is why all the photos are different sizes.

five on friday

Everyone seems to do a ‘five on friday’ post these days. When I decided to do one today I wanted to give credit to whoever came up with the idea but I found several in just a few minutes spent with google. So I’m just going with it.

1. We are leaving Maui today. I am both sad and happy. It’s been such a relaxing and fun time spending these seven days with Greg. No plans, no calendars, no work email. Just getting up and deciding what to do that day depending on what sounded good. However, my (lame)┬ástomach is saying “please let’s go home and eat normal food again so I stop hating you”.


2. Since we decided to do a No Spend October I didn’t end up decorating for fall much. I am eagerly anticipating decorating for Christmas, but I also don’t want to spend a ton. I’m continually reminding myself that the less I buy each year, the more I can buy in future years to grow our collection and adapt as my tastes change. This year I am thinking basic red + white. This simple felt garland from West Elm is the best and my current decor inspiration.

3. On the same theme, I am struggling with Christmas cards. We don’t really have a great picture from this year and my plans to capture an amazing one while on vacation didn’t happen. My thoughts right now are simple + gold + merry. Do people send card without pictures these days?

4. I really want a sewing machine now that I finished with my beginner’s class. Because I don’t need it I’m having a hard time pulling the trigger and spending $150. I’m trying to figure out what I can sell and therefore feel less guilty about the purchase.

5. I used to think relaxing vacations were a waste of money and PTO. Now I can’t decide if I want to go to eastern Europe, South America, or right back to this very condo in Kihei for our next trip. Sadly I have a few months to figure it out.


paddle boarding

This morning we went paddle boarding on the water in Kihei. Since I don’t have pictures, I want to remember the adventure.

+ I didn’t fall one single time. Who ever would have thought that would happen? It’s much easier than I thought it would be.

+ We saw ten or so giant sea turtles. A few even got close enough to our boards for us to hear them breathing.

+ Greg is enamored with sea turtles. A few quotes I heard across the water “Turtles! Tortugas! Come to me!” and “I am the turtle king.”

+ I have a very healthy respect for the ocean. (Some might call it a fear.) I went out further in the water today than I’ve ever gone. I was fine if I didn’t look down at the ocean floor or back at the shore. Good thing the first rule of paddle boarding is to always look straight ahead.

+ I’m kind of glad we don’t have pictures because in my head I looked awesome on my board. I explained to Greg I looked regal, like Xena Warrior Princess out there. (Don’t worry, he doesn’t get it either.) I’m sure if I saw a picture I’d see a wobbly, short white girl with a bit of a vacation ‘spare tire’.

+ We found a delicious breakfast joint after for coffee and our favorites: loco moco for me and a hacienda breakfast burrito for the hubs.


Last full day of vacation is off to a lovely start.


Our first few days of vacation have been amazing.

sunset our first night in Kihei (no, that’s not us but i’m going to pretend it is)


eating breakfast + drinking our coffee outside


mini hike through the rain forest at Ioa ValleyIMG_7084-1_edited-3

enjoying the view from the pool for a few hours every morning

watching the (less than ideal outcome) sounders playoff game at Fred’s