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winter/holiday style me challenge: week two

The Winter/Holiday Style Me Challenge continues even though I don’t have a lot to show for it this week. I’m currently on day two of a terrible cold that’s keeping me home from work and not providing me with enough energy for anything other than laying on the couch trying not to curse every time I have to swallow. Fun times.


scarf / target; poncho and jeans / old navy maternity; booties / nordstrom; tee / borrowed maternity

The blanket scarf. In theory I love it, in reality it’s frustrating. This one at least as it’s not quite wide enough for how long it is. I tried tying it in the morning and later in the day I made an infinity scarf out if it by tying opposite corners. I love the pattern, but it just doesn’t seem to lay very well.


sweater / gap; plaid shirt / old navy maternity; black pants / gap maternity; necklace / stella and dot; flats / nordstrom

This is one of those outfits that looked cuter in my head than it did when I actually put it on. But I’m constantly running so late these days there’s no time for outfit changes. I really wish Stella & Dot had not discontinued this necklace. It’s one of my favorites because it goes with everything and is nice and delicate when you just need a little something.


scarf / nordstrom; sweater / old navy; jeans / old navy maternity; top / gap maternity; boots / dsw; necklace / s&d

This outfit was so cozy for a day of traveling up to Canada and hanging out with the husband. I’m not usually impressed with Old Navy quality (but the prices are hard to beat for my temporary wardrobe); this sweater though is incredibly thick and warm.


scarf and booties / nordstrom; vest / destination maternity; top / old

Super simple and super comfortable Monday outfit. I’m torn on the scarf though. As you can see in the picture from Nordstrom, it lays nice and flat. On me if feels a little wild and unruly. Someone at work also asked if it was made of dead cat.

We were in Canada for days 6 and 7 and being out of my normal routine I forgot to take pictures. And yesterday, day 9, I wore yoga pants and didn’t get off the couch much.

As I do every challenge, I’m joining up with several of the other ladies to share out outfits on Wednesdays. It’s one of my favorite parts of the challenge. If you’re blogging about your outfits and want to share, link up on Alison or Carrie’s blogs – or both!

winter/holiday style me challenge: week one

The Winter/Holiday Style Me Challenge started this week and I’m excited to be joined by several ladies I know. My mom, my MIL, my BIL’s girlfriend and her mom are all joining in. It’s fun to see people you know in real life on the Facebook page every morning.

I bought a few things for the Winter/Holiday challenge. I needed a few more maternity tops as my regular tops that had worked for the first and second trimester are a little indecent now. I also needed another pair of winter shoes after wearing ballet flats in the rain one too many times this fall. Again I set a budget of $300 and am currently $5.48 over it. However, I have several pieces in transit to be returned. I’m not sure how much I’ll get back in rewards cards and how much in cash, but I estimate being under budget when it’s all said and done. All other items are linked to in my Fall capsule post.

(I have no picture of the new additions because I’m exhausted. The third trimester is kicking my butt and the thought of getting out all the clothes to take a photo of them and put them all back is more than I can handle right now. I really get why everyone talks aboutthe golden days of the second trimester now!)

Tops: Print SweaterBlack Poncho (maternity), Tan Wrap, Dressy Shirt (maternity; no longer available)
Holiday Wear: Teal Dress, Black Pants, Clutch, Statement Necklace
Accessories: Wedge Booties, Blanket Scarf, Faux Fur Scarf – cream + gray (old), Boot Socks, Leggings (maternity; probably will get more use post-baby, but this was my last shopping trip until the spring challenge so I wanted to include some postpartum loungewear)

The number one thing I love about the Winter/Holiday challenge is that Alison has published a full week of outfits. On Sunday I was able to organize my outfits for the entire week, one less thing to do every night.  I know she is offering this because of holiday travel, but I’m hoping that she continues to make it a feature of future challenges.


scarf / boutique; sweater / gap maternity; jeans / old navy maternity; boots / dsw; earrings + necklace / stella and dot

A cozy outfit for day one. I forgot about this gray faux fur infinity scarf that I purchased a few years ago at a local boutique owned by a friend of a friend. It worked better with my neutral sweater than the cream colored one I purchased for the challenge. Knowing I’d be too warm to wear the scarf all day (it’s really heavy), I added a necklace. And for good measure, I changed out my daily studs for a little sparkle.


tunic, leggings, boots, scarf / nordstom; socks / loft; vest / destination maternity

After not finding a maternity tunic I loved enough to invest in, I pulled an old tunic from the closet and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was just long enough for the bump and to be decent with leggings. Probably will only get another week or two out of it, but will be great postpartum. I wore boot socks for the first time today and loved them! Wish I had jumped on this trend a long time ago. My boots are pretty high so they didn’t show a ton, but a little of the chevron pattern peaked out. With the exception of the socks, I owned everything in this outfit prior to the challenge but likely never would have put it together. It is totally possible to shop your closet.

As I do every challenge, I’m joining up with several of the other ladies to share out outfits on Wednesdays. It’s one of my favorite parts of the challenge. If you’re blogging about your outfits and want to share, link up on Alison or Carrie’s blogs – or both!

fall style me challenge: week four

And just like that, we’re at the Fall Style Me Challenge final outfit post. I’m a little sad that this will be my last outfit post for a while. I’ve decided not to do the Build Your Basics challenge. Not because it’s for over 40, I think basics are great at any age. But the reality is, six months pregnant is not the time to buy a wardrobe of basics. This is the first challenge my mom has signed up for and I wanted to do it with her but it just doesn’t make sense. Regular registration is open through the 6th if you are interested in joining. I’ll be back for the Winter/Holiday Challenge to spruce up my maternity wardrobe. Most of my pre-maternity clothes are not going to fit in another week or two and it will be a good time to pick up a few more items to make it through the third trimester. Today I’m sharing days 17 through 21. I don’t lose steam on the challenge at any point during the three weeks, but I definitely lose steam on taking photos.


scarves, leggings, necklace, boots and booties / nordstrom; jeans and cardigan / old navy maternity; white long sleeve tee / gap maternity; gray long sleeve tee / borrowed (maternity); pink vest / old navy

I’m hoping that because I’ve clearly developed a uniform (I do have twelve years of Catholic schooling, it comes naturally), once I am deep in mommy mode I will manage to still get dressed and not rely on yoga pants. It is so easy to throw on pants, boots, a few layers, and a scarf. Especially when all your clothes coordinate and a pop of color is all you need to take an outfit to the next level.


boots, scarf, tunic / nordstrom; belt / target; jeans / old navy maternity

I participated on day 19, but I can’t find a picture. It was a basic Friday outfit of jeans, gray pullover sweater with a navy checked shirt, and leopard flats. Another ‘fancy sweatshirt’ day. These days were good as they made me dig into my closet and look for alternatives. This sweater was a tunic pre-belly. I don’t wear it much because it never comes out of the wash looking very good and I hate spending money on dry cleaning. I can’t get enough leopard + gray with a splash of turquoise.


sweater / gap; dress and tights / old navy maternity; scarf and boots / nordstrom; necklace / stella and dot

And day 21. I love this outfit. It’s perfect for date night or the office. It was nice to wear something a little fancier than jeans to work for the first time in weeks. I’m glad I went with my scarf and necklace look as it was too hot in a few conference rooms for the leopard. I had a blast with the Fall challenge. Again, the Facebook page was a source of outfit inspiration and a positive gathering of women all encouraging each other. Fashion can seem silly and frivolous, but the good vibes that every lady who participates puts out is about so much more than clothes and trends. I’m always thankful to be involved in this group. This challenge was extra fun as my brother-in-law’s girlfriend, Kelly, participated. She has an edgier style than me and had different weather for most of the challenge as we live on opposite coasts. She also does not have a bowling ball popping out of her midline. It was fun every morning to see how we took the same inspiration email and interpreted it in our own ways.

If I was able to find a link, most items are referenced in this post. Curious to see other outfits? Check out the ladies below or Alison’s link-up.  
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fall style me challenge: week three

I can’t believe the Fall Style Me Challenge is into the last week. If you’re looking for more style or want to jump on board, Alison just announced the next challenge. Build Your Wardrobe Basics will specifically geared to women over 40. It will be open to anyone, but focus on classic styles that will work year round, with less of a focus on trends. Registration opens this Friday, I’ll be sure to include a link for anyone interested.

Today I’m sharing days 10 through 16. Please excuse the photography. It’s been stormy here plus the sun is rising later every day. Selfies in poor lighting never make for the best photos and I’m having a hell of a time getting my iPhone to focus well.


jeans and top / old navy maternity; scarf and flats / nordstrom; cardigan / gap; necklace / stella&dot

Today called for a plaid scarf, but the orange shirt made that tricky. My colorful one was too much and my b+w one screamed Halloween. I decided to go with my usual pop of color look and leave the shirt be. I added a gray scarf and sweater in different shades for a monochromatic look and topped that off my Kimberly necklace. Also, worst shoe choice ever because it poured buckets today and I had nice wet feet all afternoon.


scarves and leopard flats / nordstrom; shirts / borrowed (maternity); striped sweater / forever 21; jeans / old navy maternity; puffer vest / motherhood maternity; boots / dsw

The Nordstrom infinity scarf is my favorite fall purchase. I kind of want to go crazy and buy more colors, but I’ll stick with my gray and turquoise for now. Also, I’m thinking an alternative name for my blog could be “Scarves and Stripes” because that seems to be about all I wear. (I also get very patriotic when inebriated, so it would work really well.)


puffer vest / motherhood maternity; buffalo plaid shirt and jeans / old navy maternity; rain bots and booties / nordstrom

Day thirteen, worn two ways. First we were off to an MLS soccer match in the rain so I went with my Hunters. Later that evening we headed out for an Oktoberfest party with friends. I rolled up the jeans a bit and wore my booties. I like the buffalo plaid with the gray and white, it feels a little more subdued. Please excuse the fact that I did not check my hair or if I had a decent picture before moving on…


jacket and leopard flats / nordstrom; belt / target; top / gap; jeans / old navy maternity

Great outfit for errand running day! I didn’t get a detailed photo so instead I’m sharing one of the two fall nail colors I picked up. I’m avoiding nail salons for the duration of my pregnancy but still want to be festive. This is “good as gold” by Essie. It’s definitely metallic and really fun.


sweater / gap; scarf and booties / nordstrom; necklace / stella and dot; jeans and navy top / old navy maternity

Easy outfit for a(nother) rainy Monday. I love this colorful scarf for brightening up basics. I’ve noticed that with pregnancy I tend to run warmer than normal. Typically I would never need to take a scarf off midday, but lately I’ve been in conference rooms overheating and needing to de-robe. I’m wearing necklaces under my scarves so I have some detail when I start to strip down. At one point today the scarf and sweater came off – what am I going to do when the heat actually turns on in the building?!


scarf / gift; necklace / stella and dot; leopard flats / nordstrom; gray sweater / gap maternity; jeans / old navy maternity

I’ve been monitoring my own fashion long enough now to call this a “me outfit”. Neutral basics with a pop of color and pattern mixing with stripes. This combo is easy to pick out, goes on quick, and looks cute and pulled together. I could also probably make fifty different outfits from my closet by following this pattern.

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fall style me challenge: week two

We’re already midway through week two of the Fall Style Me Challenge and I’m sharing days 3 through 9. Still loving getting dressed for work in less than five minutes because someone else is telling me what to wear.


shirt / old navy; skinny jeans / old navy maternity; tank / gap maternity; scarf and booties / nordstrom

I have fallen for buffalo plaid big time this fall. When I put this shirt on though it was a little too red for my comfort zone. To neutralize, I added a gray tank and a black scarf with small gold stars. Prior to the challenges, I never would have gone gray since there isn’t gray in the shirt. I’ve learned though that complimenting can be more visually interesting than matching.  I probably wouldn’t have done a patterned scarf with plaid either, even though this one is quite basic.


sweater and shirt / gap; tank / target maternity; jeans / old navy maternity; necklace / etsy; flats and jacket / nordstrom

Today was fancy sweatshirt day, but I didn’t pick up a fancy sweatshirt. (Seems less flattering on a maternity figure and doesn’t seem very conducive to nursing so would have been a rather short lived item.) Instead, I pulled out a few items from the spring challenge and topped them with a camel jacket from last year and a fancy necklace. I love that I’m building a wardrobe that can be leveraged year round.


tan cardigan, gray jeans, skinny jeans / old navy maternity; both scarves, pink necklace, striped TOMS, and leopard flats / nordstrom; gray sweater and blue cardigan / gap maternity; nude belt / target; b+w tank / borrowed (maternity)

Days 5, 6, and 7 corresponded with my school days and I don’t have extra close up photos for any of these days. Typically I would have skipped the challenge and gone with yoga pants, which are actually a better fit for our school days. However, I haven’t purchased any maternity workout gear and my collection of lululemon is starting to get a little too tight for a full day of wear. I swapped shoes on most days to be more classroom appropriate, otherwise the challenge worked just fine. Love that you can dress each daily outfit template up or down.


jacket / old navy; plaid shirt and booties / nordstrom; jeans / old navy maternity

Easy outfit for a rainy Monday. Since there isn’t a lot of detail here, I thought I’d share my arm decor. I picked up the watch on sale this summer and I love it. It goes with pretty much everything and the little pop of pink is fun. Greg surprised me with the new bangles as a gift for finishing school. I was so not expecting anything and am just grateful that we worked together to make the last nine months feasible. But new jewelry is always appreciated. 🙂


cardigan, boots, scarf, and leggings / nordstrom; black tee / maternity (borrowed); leopard belt / target

This might be my favorite outfit so far. It’s really simple but I received many compliments at work and felt like this would be something I would have worn pre-pregnancy, compared to my very casual maternity wardrobe. This might end up being my go-to date night / dinner out outfit for the rest of the pregnancy. I couldn’t resist a pop of color with my scarf once I realized it is actually getting a little chilly in the mornings now.

If I was able to find a link, most items are referenced in this post. Curious to see other outfits? Check out the ladies below or Alison’s link-up.  
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fall style me challenge: week one

The Fall Style Me Challenge started this week and I’m pumped. One less thing to think about everyday. Between my Whole30 and this challenge, the decision making I have to do on a daily basis is greatly reduced. Love it.

Being on the West Coast, I get the next day’s outfit via email at 4pm, making it incredibly easy to pick out my clothes and accessories in the evening and not having to think about getting dressed in the morning. I’m making this short and sweet as I’m down to about 48 hours until my final exam. Wish me luck!


shirt and jeans / old navy maternity; necklace / kendra scott; booties / bp @ nordstrom

Day one started off easy. This is typically more casual of a look than I’d go for at work but because I didn’t buy maternity work clothes I’m dressing more casual overall. My booties have been getting quite a few compliments and they are incredibly comfortable even for a full day of work. Definitely on the trendier side for me and it’s fun wearing them.


long tee / gap maternity; leggings, boots, jacket, and scarf / nordstrom; belt / target

Super excited to have a new pattern mixing combo in my repertoire – plaid and leopard. It’s the fall version of spring’s leopard and stripes. I’m pretty sure this, or something similar, will be a go-to outfit all fall and winter. Loving this Steve Madden scarf I found at Nordstrom (it comes in a few other colors) – infinity style and great drapability. That’s totally a word.

If I was able to find a link, most items are referenced in this post.  
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style me spring challenge {days 17 – 21}

The spring challenge is done. I’m excited to get dressed and get out of the house without having to snap pictures, but otherwise I’m a little sad it’s over. I had so much fun and I’m still getting compliments at work as I try new outfits. It was well worth the $10 cost to register and here are just a handful of the reasons why.

1. More than anything, it proved ladies can be nice to each other. The Facebook group was amazing. I think there were nearly 500 women in the group and I’m not exaggerating when I say I don’t recall ever seeing any piece of negativity. It was so supportive and positive, I have restored faith in how women treat each other.

2. I learned to love color. I never even thought twice about my winter clothes packed away in the garage. I am all about mint + coral + navy + olive + turquoise. And throw in some lime for good measure.

3. I embraced lipstick. I went to Sephora, put aside my fears and asked for help, and came out with two pretty colors that I wear daily. I need to get better at reapplying midday, but at least I leave the house looking thirty something and not twelve.

4. I combined my wardrobes. Several items I’ve worn both on weekends and weekdays. I’m not thinking of most items as work of play clothes anymore. Some combos are more suited for the office or for a day of running errands and relaxing, but I’m mixing it all up and wearing it all.

5. I learned to be smart about shopping. I’ve worn all but one shirt that I bought (I haven’t ironed it yet) and most things multiple times in the three weeks. Buying clothes with an idea in mind and ensuring they coordinate really helps getting more mileage out of your wardrobe.

6. I save time in the morning. I spend about 10 minutes at night deciding what I’m going to wear and ironing anything that is wrinkled. I easily spent 10 minutes before in the morning trying to find something to wear and never looked cute or pulled together.

7. I learned the best way to dry button downs. Put them in the dryer for about five minutes then hang dry. They only require a quick pass of the iron and look great. I can’t remember which lady left that tip early in the challenge, but it’s fantastic.

8. I learned even when I’m down to nothing thanks to a desperate laundry situation, spending five minutes yields a respectable outfit. Looking at you, Day 17.

9. I always knew and have finally accepted that accessories make the outfit. They can be cheap (I got scarves and belts from Target for $10) or a little more fancy (my Kimberly necklace). Doesn’t matter. Wear one, or better yet two or three, and you will look instantly pulled together.

10. It worked no matter how much money you wanted to spend. Some ladies bought entire new wardrobes to celebrate losing significant amounts of weight. On the other end, several ladies had goals of no shopping this year and did the challenge entirely from their own closet. It really wasn’t about how much you have but about thinking creatively and taking a few chances. Like white pants in April….

Lucky for you the challenge is coming back for summer! If you’re interested, you can sign up here to be on the email list when registration opens.

outfit17 outfit18 outfit19

outfit20 outfit21Over the last month I’ve been collecting my own challenge prompts to keep me going. I’ve been pinning tons of outfits that I can recreate with clothes I have in my closet already. I’m using them to decide what to wear each day. My two goals to follow up with challenge with are 1) continuing to organize myself in the evening before I go to bed and 2) to not repeat an exact outfit before the summer challenge starts.

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style me spring challenge {days 10 – 16}

Another week done and seven (well, six) more outfits documented. I’m still loving learning how to make new outfits with my clothes but I’m definitely looking forward to skipping the daily outfit picture post. And we’re all looking forward to the mirror being removed from our office.

The link to any piece not labeled “old” can be found in this post or this post.


shoes: old/target; belt: old/old navy; sweater, button down, pants: Gap

Brightened up a typical work outfit with leopard flats and my lime sweater.


necklace: old/stella&dot shoes: old/steve madden; gingham shirt: old/gap; belt: target; olive skinny cargos: loft

Loving the turquoise and olive combo still. Added a navy gingham shirt and leopard belt.


top: old/nordstrom; skirt: old/gap; shoes: old/steve madden; jacket: nordstrom; scarf: target

The first classroom day for my NTP program! So excited; it was a fantastic weekend (though I’m still exhausted 48 hours after we wrapped up). I tried to dress for comfort but still work in the outfit components.


sweater: old/forever 21; leggings: old/nordstrom; tank: loft; scarf: nordstrom

My skirt was a little impractical for class, so I went with leggings for Saturday. I feel like this is a great weekend outfit. Just as comfy as yoga pants but a little more pulled together.

{I skipped a picture on day 14 I guess. I wore skinny navy pants from loft with an old orange and gray striped shirt from forever 21.}


sweater: old/banana; blouse: old/nordstrom; necklace: stella˙ shoes: old/steve madden; pants: loft; belt: target

Monday, the last week of the challenge. I decided this week to mix my existing clothes with what I bought for the challenge. The whole point was to not have separate work and play wardrobes so I wanted to make sure I didn’t start to look at my clothes as pre and post challenge.


dress: old/target; shoes: old/steve madden; necklace: stella˙ jacket: macy’s

I love this dress I picked up at Target last year. The weather today was in the 70s so I pulled it out of my summer bin. I doubt we’re done with rain and gray for the year, but I’ll take an awesome week of good weather.

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style me spring challenge {days 3 – 9}

I’m back again with a wrap-up of my fashion strides over the last week. I’m still getting many compliments at work so I think I’m continuing to improve. I know I for sure leave the house feeling more pulled together than ever before. The weather has not been spring-like at all, but I’m still wearing my color and reminding myself there will be sunshine some day. Please excuse how dark the pictures are this week; the pics definitely suffer when the weather is stormy.

First up, my final shopping damage. I would feel guilty, except I don’t because I’m wearing everything and have a massive pile of stuff that was just sitting in the closet ready for the Goodwill. Also (yes, you can quote me dear Husband), I won’t be shopping for anything until the summer shopping list comes out. That was the deal I made with myself and I plan on keeping it.


Gap: white eyelet pop over, navy gingham shirt, white + gray sweatersnavy striped maxi skirt
Ann Taylor Loft: olive skinny cargos, blue skinny pants (similar), mint sheer button down

You can find links to the other new pieces in my original Style Me Spring Challenge post.

{I’d like to note that if you plan to buy anything from either Gap or Loft you should never do so full price. Everything I bought from Gap or Loft was at least 40% off, if not 60%. It’s just crazy to buy anything full price from either of these stores because they constantly have sales. Wait a day or two and the item you want will be marked down, I promise.}


swearter: old/nordstrom; heels: old/jessica simpson, belt: old/old navy; all other pieces linked in original post

This might be the easiest outfit formula ever: tank + sweater + scarf + skinny jeans + heels. I added a necklace because I’m an overachiever. My jeans are a dark wash, not black. If you want an inexpensive way to dress up your spring wardrobe I highly recommend a floral scarf. I ended up with two and have worn both a couple of times already. Instant spring around your neck.


chambray shirt: old/nordstrom; flats: old/steve madden; bangles: old/various; scarf linked in original post; skinny cargo pants linked above

I’ve had this chambray shirt for months but only wore it a time or two. I am having fun pairing items that have been in my closet with new clothes I purchased for the challenge. My new favorite pants are the olive skinny cargos from LOFT (lighter in color than they appear here). They are more comfortable than jeans and perfect for fun or work.


t-shirt: old/gap; jeans: old/vigoss; necklace: old/stella & dot; jacket and jeans linked in original post

One of the BEST part of this challenge by far is spending a few minutes at night thinking about my clothes for the next day and zero minutes in the morning. When I laid this out Thursday night I was skeptical, thinking it was going to be really boring. But Friday morning when I put it on I was in love. It might be my favorite outfit yet because it’s so versatile: casual Friday at work, running errands, meeting friends for lunch. It’s a t-shirt and jeans with a little oomph. Also, olive + turquoise is an awesome color combo I’d never thought about before.


scarf: old/local boutique; boots: old/dsw; skirt linked above; jacket and t-shirt linked in original post

This is something I never would have tried on my own, for sure. The day’s outfit called for a maxi skirt but it was pouring rain here in Seattle. After a little investigation on Pinterest, it looks like maxi skirts can work outside of summer with flat or ankle boots. I picked my favorite pair of boots and added a bright green scarf as we were watching a Sounders game with friends that evening. Totally out of my comfort zone, but fun to try something new and will definitely extend the wear of what I used to think of as just summer clothes.


jeans: old/vigoss; flats: old/steve madden; cardigan and shirt linked in original post

Easter Sunday. We enjoyed some family time in the morning and finally got dressed after lunch. Typically I would have showered and put on clean yoga pants, but I wanted to follow the outfit today. It look approximately 30 seconds longer to put this on and I looked approximately one thousand times less frumpy. I added a pair of small dangly earrings and was done. No hair, no make-up, but still looked presentable for a trip to Home Depot.


necklace: old/stella˙ pants, shoes, and belt linked in original post; eyelet top linked above

Color! Mint + coral is another new color combination I hadn’t thought of before and will definitely look for more often. The Stella&Dot Together Forever necklace (that I’ve had for 3+ years) is my go-to; it looks good with everything and always works when I can’t figure out what jewelry will look good. I feel like if I keep wearing bright colors the sun will have to show up for more than a few hours. Right?


rain boots: old/hunter; jacket, scarf, striped t-shirt, flats: linked in original post; gray skinny cargos linked above

It was chilly and rainy today, so white jeans + bright tank + wedges weren’t going to happen. I still wanted some color though so grabbed a long sleeve neon top and a floral scarf. I had a few appointments in the morning and went with rain boots, then switched to flats when I went to work later in the day.

We’re almost halfway done with the challenge, it’s flying by. Check out this week’s recaps from these ladies.

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style me spring challenge

I mentioned yesterday that I’m doing a spring style challenge. We all know I love anything that has the word challenge in it and since I’ve been trying to improve my fashion I signed up immediately when I heard about it. I have three goals for this challenge, because really people, what is worth doing without goals? (Answer: nothing.)

1. Stop wearing gray (and other dark colors) all the time.

I might have a small addiction to darker colors, especially gray. A co-worker asked me the other day if I preferred to not wear colorful clothing. Hmm. Spring fashion is definitely something I need help with. I decided to cut myself off cold turkey; below are all the dark colored clothes I pulled out of my closet. I took the photo from above so you can’t see that the stacks are fairly high. It’s at least 75% of what was in my closet, and 100% of my go-to items. These clothes are now in a bin in the garage, not to be brought out until the fall.


The next day I had to put something on for work so I pulled out some of my new clothes for the challenge. The number of compliments I got at work was nice but somewhat concerning. How frumpy and dark do I usually look?


2. Start to blend my casual and work wardrobes.

Forever I’ve thought of my wardrobe as really being two, work and play, which means I probably buy more than I need. With my current client (and plans to work for myself in the future), I think it’s time to start blending the wardrobes and the outfit inspiration will help. Alison will be giving us casual outfits every day and I’ll need to tweak them a bit to make them a little more work friendly. My goal is that the same pool of clothing can be used to make work and casual outfits.

3. Wear all my clothes. 

I tend to buy things I really like without thinking of how they fit with everything else I have. I end up with items that only go with one pair of pants or shoes. This kind of goes along with my second goal, but I want to not have many items in my closet that can’t be paired with several others to make outfits. Of course there will always be special occasion clothes and a piece or two that I just love, but in general I’m going for own less, wear more.

The Shopping List

(Note: I’m not actually posting the shopping list. Alison made this challenge affordable at just $10 and the actual list or outfits themselves aren’t to be copied.)

A few things to keep in mind:

  • There were 18 items on the list but you will see more than 18 below.
  • I had multiples of a few items already, and a few suggested items I bought more than one option for. Spring is a pretty long season in Seattle, I’m not expecting summer weather until July and even then it’s mild and I expect most of these items to transition.
  • As previously noted, I have no clothes in fun colors so I bought a little more than was “required”.
  • I had to buy a few items not on the list that will allow me to make all the outfits more work appropriate.
  • I bought a few extra accessories because that’s not my strong suit at all but I think it helps tie things together. We shall see if I get better at them.
  • Not going to lie, I got totally giddy over the smaller pants size I am wearing now and bought more than I need.
  • There are several ladies in the challenge who gave up shopping for Lent or are on tight budgets and are doing this only from their closet. You can buy as much or as little as you want and make this work.

Here’s what I shopped for in my own closet. You’ll notice I didn’t have a single non-neutral item and had a whopping five pairs of neutral shoes (I have others too that I didn’t include). IMG_4641_edited-1

Quite a few of these items are at least a year old, if not older, so I can’t link back to them.

Gap: black & white t-shirt
Nordstrom: gold sperry top-siders, leopard flats, wedges, jolt skinny jeans, vigoss boyfriend jeans, gray sweater, light chambray shirt
Target: silver & yellow sandals
Old Navy: military jacket
Forever 21: high low black & white shirt
Unknown: nude flats (steve madden)

And here’s what I ended up buying. I have a few more items in transit and will post them in next week’s wrap-up, assuming they aren’t all returns. I only bought two of the exact items off the shopping list, what I loved about the list is that it is all open to 1) what you already have and 2) what you feel good about, as long as you follow a few guidelines. Now I won’t be straight copying outfits, but instead using them to learn how to put together a polished look (that’s the hope at least).


GAP: blue and white striped shirt, lime cardigan, gray pants, coral pants, orange striped tee
Nordstrom: military jacket, mint tank, scarf
Macy’s: jean jacket
Ann Taylor Loft: white jeans
Target: mint belt, leopard belt, scarf
Everlane: white t-shirt
Stella & Dot: kimberly necklace

And on to the challenge!


pink necklace (old); other pieces linked above

Lessons learned from the first day include 1) white pants are fun, 2) if you are short, don’t fear the petite, they actually fit, 3) if your years old statement necklace breaks, hold it together with a bobby pin, 4) military jacket is the new gray cardigan, 5) no, nothing will ever replace the amazingness of the gray cardigan, 5) lipstick is not scary, and 6) smiling really helps an outfit selfie.



green necklace (old); gray cardigan (old/banana republic); navy sleeveless blouse (StitchFix); other pieces linked above

I found that 1) wearing new clothes before the challenge means you already wore the outfit called for, 2) when you have to scramble you take steps outside your comfort zone, 3) maybe you should notice when you buy shoes in your exact skin shade and pick a different pair instead, 4) leopard print belts from Target go with everything, and 5) when you speak ill of the gray cardigan you must redeem yourself by wearing one the next day.

So, how did I do? I feel really great to be honest. Much more put together and certainly more springlike. I’m already thinking of future outfits I want to try, plus I have 19 more days of Alison’s to look forward to.

There are a handful of ladies also blogging about their outfits, from office dwellers like me to teachers to SAHMs. I’ve been seeing everyone’s creations on our private Facebook page (there are over 400 of us!) and the outfit ideas from a handful of clothing items are enormous –  check out a few of them with the links below.

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That ends my random foray into fashion blogging until next Wednesday, when I’ll share days 3 – 9.