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Economical Paleo: Whole Chicken

There’s no doubt that trying to eat Paleo, especially if you take a very legalistic* approach, is pricey. I’d argue though, that I spend a lot less eating out and that it either comes close to or even saves money despite the pricier meat and vegetables I buy. Trader Joe’s has a great line of organic, free range chicken. Sure, it’s not pasture raised, but I’m making choices here and I choose to buy a house soon and eat Paleo. So $25 chickens just aren’t in the budget. The best deal is the whole chicken. At only $2.69 a pound, I’m not sure you can get a better deal on this quality of chicken.

To top that off, I found what might be the easiest whole chicken recipe in existence. In less than an hour and fifteen minutes I made this, which has been enough chicken for four meals (plus the carcass that is chilllin’ in the freezer waiting to become a delicious soup).

I’m not sure you can beat $2.16 (assuming I get two meals out of the soup) per serving for top quality protein. I love you Trader Joe’s, I really do.

*I think my favorite part of the short-lived adventure in a Bible church in early 2010 was learning the term legalistic. It’s awesome and applicable oh so often.