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Summe 2013 Bucket List: Recap!

blog-summer-2013 copyI am so happy I created a bucket list for this summer. Two to three months is my sweet spot for goal planning and making every day count. I think I will keep it going and not try to get back into yearly goals, which never seem to work for me.

This summer was amazing: the weather, what we accomplished, the places and people we were able to visit. I’m sad it’s winding down but I’m thankful I have my PL album to look back on that last few months.

1. Use our ice cream machine to make coconut milk ice cream. Many flavors. // Well, the many flavors didn’t happen, but I did manage to squeeze in vanilla coconut milk ice cream over Labor Day weekend. Greg went au natural, while Becky and I dressed ours up in root beer floats. It was delicious and easy, but I’m glad it requires planning ahead and at least 8 hours to complete. We don’t need ice cream at the ready around here.


2. Finish the front yard and get it to a point where it’s just maintenance. // We did it! We spent several weekends weeding, trimming, mowing, and laying bark. Then we handed the yard over to our wonderful new gardner who is making it shine.


3. Stop wasting food (i.e. use all the food I buy & defrost). Keep summer cooking simple. // I definitely improved though there’s still room for more improvement. Food was simple over the summer but I still found myself cleaning out dead vegetables a few times. Work in progress.

4. Try ten new BBQ recipes. // Going into the summer, I thought this would be what I was most excited to work on. Turns out I really like simple BBQ. Meat + seasoning + veggies = awesome dinner. Recipes mean more grocery shopping, prepping, and cooking. We ate some good food, but going forward I’m sticking to the simplest meals possible on the grill. They are our favorite. lili_PC1_photocollage10_6P

5. Get a fun family self picture. // Not everyone (ahem, husband.) is as into this photo as I am, but I LOVE it. We spent our summer walking with the doodle and this captures it so very well.


6. Make a fire in our front yard fire pit. Potentially make s’mores. // Done and done. Only once, but with friends and it was fun. And tasty.


7. Walk fifty miles with Alfred (basically, get back in the habit of after work walks). // We did it! By far my favorite bucket list item this summer. We tried new parks, walked with Greg and friends, walked when we were out of town, pretty much walked, walked, walked. The three of us did out fiftieth mile, a lap around “our” park, on Labor Day morning.


8. Hang art in the office. // We got the map wall and I’m calling that success. Greg’s desk has art hanging above it as well, but I haven’t finished mine yet.


9. Learn to give myself a decent pedicure. // Nope. Didn’t even think about this after I wrote it on the list.

10. Make pull-up progress. // I did! I moved down a band size (smaller band = less help getting up) for WODs, from purple to black. For volume training, I stopped using a band and started doing negative pull-ups (jumping up, then slowly lowering myself down), which I’ve been told is the last step to *finally* getting that one single pull-up on my own.

Project Life: Weeks 22 & 23

My second to last week of catching up. Next week I’ll have last week’s and this week’s, and then going forward I’ll just have the previous week to share every week. Did you follow?

Week 22 (May 27 – Jun 2)


What happened this week: We went to Eastern WA for the first time this summer. It’s one of my favorite things about living up here. We usually have no plans other than to roam the orchard and hang out at the lake. And it’s warm and sunny. Alfred learned to swim this trip on the orchard river, so we’re really excited to take him out to the lake next time. We will be back soon and I can’t wait.


Photographers: Combo of iPhone and DSLR. Greg took a picture for me during each round of golf he played this week (once with Jon, once with my Dad in CO). A friend took the picture of us gym girls out watching a band.


Outside the Norm: I used the “I LOVE [      ]” stamp that I got from this blog/store. In case I haven’t mentioned it: I love summer.


Insert: During the month of May I kept up with the Instagram photo a day group and since this was the last week of May I included the photos as an insert. I used coin pouches from Amazon (I got the idea from a few blogs, I’m no craft genius) and used the remaining squares to write the prompts for the days. It looks nowhere near as cute as I had envisioned, but like everything else Project Life, if it’s not perfect I just move on and let it be.


 Week 23 (June 3 – June 9)


What happened this week: This was a very normal week and Greg was home (which isn’t so normal, but is starting to be more normal – yay!). We spent most of the weekend working on the part of the front yard that is within the gate. We got 90% of the way there. Since my goal for the summer is to get the front yard to a point of maintenance, I think we’re doing pretty good.


Photographers: They were all me and mostly from my phone.


Outside the Norm: I took a panorama on my phone at the Sounders game then printed it 4 x 12 to fill two 4×6 slots. I wasn’t able to crop it down to the full panorama (it would have cut too much off the top or bottom), but it is still a fun new way to capture a game photo. I also used the TimerCam app a few times to get shots with me/us in them.

Playing Catch-up

I’m trying to blog more, but I’m also trying to get more into a routine so mornings are less crazy and so I have an easier time falling asleep at night. Which mostly means I’m not using my computer after work for things like Project Life or blogging. This week I’m trying out an early morning routine for doing my fun computer stuff.

(And before you think Project Life was one of my hair brained ideas that lasted for only the first nine weeks of the year (why would you ever think that?), rest assured I’m still keeping up. I just made a few changes and haven’t had time to…document my documenting?)

So here’s what’s been going on the last few weeks:

Proof that I can clean & jerk 95 pounds.


I wouldn’t want you to think I’m some sort of CrossFit phenomenon. Please take a look at the results from my box. There are people who didn’t even do all five workouts that rank higher than I do. Ha! This is why I love CrossFit, literally anyone can do it. My goal this year was just to complete all five workouts and I did. Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 6.07.53 AM

Sometimes you need ice cream on Friday night for a more enjoyable TV watching experience. We shared B&J’s cookies and milk, which tastes incredibly like a glass of milk with cookie crumbles in it.


Friday nights are my favorite because we usually do nothing besides catch up from work and travel all week. And I get pictures like this of my people that just make me really happy.


Alfred turned 1 on Saturday, March 30th. I decided that when we should really celebrate is Memorial Day weekend, when we’ve survived one year of puppy. Nonetheless it was a beautiful day so the birthday boy got an extra long trip to Magnuson for swimming in the lake. Mostly it was extra long because I dropped his collar and we had to walk the entire (large) park a second time to find it.


We had Roberta & Don over on Easter for dinner. I made this salad which I put on cucumber slices for an appetizer. I suggest you make it soon. I think this is the first time I’ve hosted a holiday, so of course it required some table decorating.


I made a little dog cake for Alfred who ate his and Bailey’s as well. I guess when it’s your birthday you are allowed to eat your guest’s cake. Yes, I made him wear a bow. Only because the grocery store did not have party hats.


Happy belated Easter from the Martins.family_bday_edited-1I’ll leave the living room painting saga for another post. I’m not ready to relive it quite yet.

Phoenix Recap & 13.4

I wish I was waking up again in Phoenix this morning! Greg and I flew out late on Thursday night and spent the weekend doing nothing. It was the most boring trip ever, in a really good way. If you ever just need to recharge, I suggest going to a resort in the middle of no where and not renting a car. We were in bed every night by ten and slept for ten or eleven hours, we sat at the pool and read books, and we went out to dinner. We also watched a lot of HGTV as we are known to do since we’re deprived of it during real life.

That’s my whole recap because it really was the most boring trip ever.



Last night was the 13.4 workout. Since I abandoned my blog for a while I haven’t written about the CrossFit Games. Last year I signed up but only did the first two workouts. So this year my goal is to do all five. I’ve survived the first four, I think I’ll make it.

Last night’s WOD was two parts – a clean & jerk (getting a barbell from the ground to your shoulders then over your head) followed by toes to bar (while hanging from a bar, touching your toes to the bar). I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get any reps because the clean & jerk was 95 pounds, 25 more than I’ve ever done. But I did the first three! There is photographic evidence, but I don’t have it yet.

Then it was time for 3 T2B. I hung around on the bar trying my best to get my toes to touch. I think I looked a lot like a fish on a hook squirming around. I didn’t succeed but came very close a few times. It was closer then I’ve ever come so I’m going to just be happy with that and take my 3 reps. I’m pretty sure I’ll lose my coveted second to last place in our gym and fall to last after this workout.

When I got home it was still light out (!) so Alfred and I played in the backyard for a bit. He wasn’t in the mood for a photo shoot and instead wanted to eat the grass we have coming up and one of his many sticks he’s collected on walks.



February Goals

1. Clean out the garage. We’re getting there, but it’s nowhere near done. All the recycling from moving and opening wedding gifts is finally gone so that’s a good step, but we still have boxes to unpack, Goodwill runs to make, and shelves to put up and organize.

2. Average eight hours of sleep per night. I actually made a lot of progress with sleep. Now that I have my Lark, I know I need to schedule about nine hours for sleep in order to get eight (it’s so awesome being a crappy sleeper). I’m getting to bed earlier on the weeknights and trying not to schedule any early morning weekend activities so I can sleep in. In general I’m not drinking much these days which is helping me stay asleep throughout the night.

3. Use my pressure cooker. Nope.

4. Buy no new Project Life supplies. I think I bought a few things, but nothing like January. Progress?

5. Get to the gym 15 times. I made it 12, or an average of three times per week. Not too bad, considering we were out of town one weekend and I started the month off with the flu.

I’m liking these monthly goals over yearly resolutions so I think I’ll keep it up. Time to figure out the March goals.

Project Life: Week Eight

I think this is the latest I’ve gotten my project life for the week before done. Truth be told, I’m using working on the current week by now. I guess this is a good sign – I’ve got more going on than too much computer time.

  • I used the last of my unused kits this week – Olive. I have mixed thoughts on Olive; I love the colors but I’m not a huge fan of the florals and feminineness. I think it would make a really pretty baby book or wedding album though.
  • I stopped trying to cover every day of the week on the Week in Review cards. There are only so many ways I can say “I dropped the dog off, went to work, went to the gym, picked the dog up, puttered around the house”.
  • We went to Denver this weekend so I used a different template than usual for the right page so I could fit more pictures.
  • I crossed out some family news I didn’t want to share publicly and the orange box is where the template is showing through because I hid the picture of my sister trying on wedding dresses for the blog version.
  • I had so many cute pictures of all the littles I finally just gave up and picked my favorite of each to include along the bottom. The picture of Maks at the bottom left about kills me. This kid makes the best faces ever.



Project Life: Week Six

I’m tired and have to bake a breakfast casserole, shower, and do some work before I can get to bed so I’ll make this short and sweet.

  • I used  Turquoise this week.
  • The title card says that I love this when in fact I don’t even like it. I bought Turquoise when I went crazy buying kits and it’s not really my thing. Lots of neutrals and dark colors, geometric shapes. But since I bought it I told myself I had to use it at least once if not more. I picked the four colors I like the best from the kit (green, blue, red, white) and made the best of it.
  • I’m trying to include a picture of both Greg and myself each week. It’s been hard to get Greg with his travel. I got two of each of us this week!
  • This is absolute proof your life can be super normal and you can still do a Project Life. I think in a few years when we have kids I will look back with envy that I got to go the gym after work everyday and laugh at how exhausting I thought it was to cart Alfred around to all his social obligations. I am still so happy I stumbled upon this right before the new year.
  • I didn’t have that much fun putting together this week’s spread, I think because I just didn’t love the design.
  • There are no pictures of Alfred in this spread, which was totally unintentional. Maybe I haven’t turned into a weird dog person after all.PL_2013_Week6A PL_2013_Week6B

I’ve never done a link-up before, but it seemed like fun, so I added my post over here.

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