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Week One is Done!

Okay, not quite, I’m finishing up day six. But I always count weeks as Monday to Sunday, so I’m considering today the end of week one. I made the decision not to log my food this time. I’ve done it in the past but it’s just one more thing to get done everyday and I really don’t find any benefit in doing it. I did though take pictures of my dinners each night. For breakfast and lunch I usually eat the same things all week (southwest frittata and chocolate chili this week), so I didn’t bother to snap those photos. It takes some planning, but it’s not terribly hard to get compliant dinners on the table every night. We did go out Saturday night to fight stir-crazy and I had an underwhelming steak salad.

week 1 whole 30

Tenderloin with roasted green beans and sautéed broccoli and onions // Pork chops with spinach sautéed in clarified butter and a side salad (20 minute meal) // Coconut Curry Roast with  cauliflower rice (crockpot meal) // Paleo chicken pad thai // Individual shepherd’s pies with salad (easy to make ahead)

Here’s what we’re eating next week. And yes, I print this out every week. Laugh all you want, but it works. I know what days I need to defrost meat, what days I need to prep food to have a quick dinner ready the next night, and what’s already been done. Really, it’s genius, so when you stop laughing at my dorkiness I’d be happy to send you the Word document.


Now I’m going to plan out in detail our dining destinations for next weekend’s birthday trip to Portland. I’m sort of regretting this whole jumping on the Whole30 bandwagon over my birthday, but I’m sure after making a list of tasty restaurants I will be happy with my options and I know for sure I’ll be happy come day 30 when I’m feeling great. I will just toast myself with a glass of bubbly in February.

Paleo Eats 5/10/2011

20110510-095158.jpgI’ll start with last night’s dinner since that it when I got back on the wagon. I got home from work late but had plenty of weekend leftovers. I dropped my bags, changed in to my trusty yoga pants, and went out for a 30 min walk. Once I got back I reheated Thai basil spiced meat from lunch on Sunday (recipe not worthy of a link) and mashed cauliflower from dinner on Sunday. While they reheated in the toaster over, I sautéed enough kale for dinner and today’s lunch. I’m close to perfecting my kale recipe and will post soon. I also finished the mass amount of dishes left from my Sunday cook-a-thon.


For breakfast this morning I quickly scrambled two eggs with a handful of spinach using a dollop of bacon fat. I added salsa and guacamole to the top and a side of jalapeno sauerkraut. I stopped by a most convenient coffee shop, Java Detour drive-thru, and ordered a medium decaf with cream. Unfortunately that will be my last trip as I found out that they have only half and half, not heavy cream. More motivation to find a grass-fed/raw source of heavy cream and save money with making my coffee at home.

Very unfortunately, there was a fatality on the way to work this morning and my normal 25 or 30 min drive took an hour and 45 minutes. I dug into the snack I had brought for the afternoon – a hard-boiled egg and sliced apple.


For lunch I had leftover pulled pork from Sunday that I made with a 3 lb pork shoulder from my meat CSA. The pork was really easy but needed about 8 hours of unattended cook time. The BBQ sauce was Paleo and had a great tangy flavor. The rest of the leftovers are in the freezer for next week as I’ll be in Seattle this weekend and won’t be cooking. I had the pork with the remaining mashed cauliflower and sautéed kale from previous meals.


The afternoon lulls hit and, combined with an annoyance at work and lack of my afternoon snack, I gave in. I had a diet dr. pepper and two hard-boiled eggs. It’s always after the first bite that I remember how awful the conventional, overcooked eggs I can pick up at work taste. I recognized while drinking my nectar from the gods what exactly I was doing. I was bored, tired, frustrated and this was a fix. At least I stopped it there and didn’t let that trip up become an excuse for whatever I wanted the rest of the day.

Since it’s Tuesday, after a quick 25 minutes walk to clear my head from the day (tired of getting home so late and having to do with short walks and no real workouts), I made the paleo version of Taco Tuesday. I’ve been experimenting with lettuce types since I eat lettuce wraps at least once or twice a week. Butter lettuce has replace romaine for now. I topped my tacos with guacamole and salsa and served kale on the side.

Hopefully once I upgrade to an iPhone 4 at some point the pictures won’t be quite as bad.