Paige at 16.5 Months 

What’s going on in PC’s world, in a ten bullet list format:

  • Balls. She loves balls right now. She recently learned the word so she points out every ball she sees and her favorite toy is an old gross tennis ball of Alfred’s. 
  • Birds. We’ve moved on from dog obsession to bird obsession. She calls then “bac bacs”, which is her attempt at saying “quack quack”. It’s applied liberally to anything that flies.
  • Climbing. All the climbing. She’s constantly climbing furniture.
  • Stair fall. We had a little incident recently where Alfred knocked her all the way down the stairs. She’s fine, but it was scary.
  • Good byes. She’s said “Buh bye” a few times in the past, but the last two weeks she’s using it way more and she can anticipate the end of a conversation. She also tells Greg “buh bye” when’s she’s ready to go to bed so he’ll leave the room (input her to bed because at the moment that is the only way she’ll go down). #everythingisaphase
  • Nursing. We’re down to just before bed and in middle of the night. I wish it was nothing, I’m SO DONE, but she is not so I’m trying to be gentle with my weaning. You can read more about the rocky road it’s been here
  • Mimicking. She copies so much of what we do now. Hilarious and scary! If you squat down to talk with her, she’ll squat too. Or she’ll copy a routine we have, like putting Alfred’s pillow away in the morning, that I didn’t realize she noticed. She also likes to take wash clothes and kitchen towels and wipe down the floor. Obviously she’s learned that from me. 😉
  • Not sleeping. She’s teething and not sleeping and we’re just going with it. Hopefully her canines will break through by the time we’re back from vacation and she’ll sleep in her room again. We’d be (even more) exhausted if we tried to fight her sleep patterns so we’ve learned to just roll with them. She’ll sleep through the night in her own bed in high school, right? 
  • Dancing. This girl still loves dancing. She will dance anywhere if she hears a little music. Or if someone says the word “dance”. 
  • People. She loves loves loves people. I’m finishing this up while she eats her snack at the zoo and all she’s done in the hour we’ve been here is watch people, wave to them, ask them to pick her up, and climb. 

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