Fourth of July

We’re on our way home from another Fourth of July with good friends on Camano Island.

Because we had to time car naps and hope for not being up all night, so we left at 4pm. Before dinner and hours before fireworks. #parentlife

I just had the brilliant idea that I can blog from my phone, and maybe there’s a small chance some of our adventures will be documented!

So here’s 4th of July. Paige is 16 months old. We joined our good friends at Becca’s childhood home on Camano Island (about an hour north of Seattle).

The small town has a parade to kick off the holiday. And this year was a typical 60 degree 4th. Summer in Seattle starts on July 5th.

This is the view from the Holland’s home and backyard. NOT BAD.

Paige is obsessed with wearing everything right now. Including buckets.
She’s also into climbing into chairs, and was very excited to find this pint sized one.

Family photo. Because we never take them and I’m trying to get better about that.

Hope you had a great holiday!

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