Hello There

Friends! It’s been quite some time since I’ve stopped in here. 2.5 months to be exact. Since then, Paige has turned one and started part time daycare. That’s right, I’m officially a (part time) working mama. I’m so excited to introduce you to my second baby – Small Bites Wellness.

If you are interested in nutrition and wellness, I invite you to join me on my new website. I’ve been writing articles for the last few months, but just this week I opened up my nutritional therapy services and shortly will be opening group nutrition classes. The first class is around nutrition to optimize fertility, which will be offered this spring. I hope to offer a general nutrition class starting in the summer, as well.

I hope to get back into the habit of documenting our personal life here. At the moment all my efforts are going into building a business (the paperwork! the technology! the headaches!), but I do hope that dies down eventually. For the meantime, here’s baby girl at her first birthday party. We love her more than words can say and watching her enter toddlerhood both breaks my heart and expands it daily.


2 thoughts on “Hello There

  1. Holly

    Those sweet little chubby cheeks! Glad to see you back but I know building a business is HA-ARD, so go on with your bad self! Excited to poke around on your nutrition website. Congrats on getting everything up and running!


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