what I want to remember|month six

Paige turned six months old on Friday, August 28th. A monthly recap is one of the ways I’m documenting her first year. Actually, it’s now one of two ways. I dropped Project Life earlier in the year, and this month I didn’t do my DITL post. I still have my one line a day book going and I’m just sneaking this month six update in before she turns seven months! You can read previous month recaps here: one, two, three, four, five.

IMG_1379_edited-1I want to remember that you are such a happy baby. You very rarely cry and you almost always have a big smile. I also want to remember your ‘model pose’. When you’re not moving, you stay still in this pose that cracks us all up.
IMG_1191_edited-1I want to remember that red hair that is starting to grow in. Who knows if you’ll stay red, but you are definitely going to be a ginger baby, just like your mama.IMG_1184_edited-1I want to remember that your dog is starting to tolerate you. That is progress, so we’ll take it. IMG_1180_edited-1I want to remember that getting you to nap takes more perseverance than anything I’ve ever done. I’m a well educated, successful woman and your resistance to napping breaks me down. A lot of days we end up in the car, going to Starbucks, and me reading in random parking lots while you sleep. IMG_1206_edited-1I want to remember hanging out at Grandma and Grandma Cathy’s house and you just started getting up on all fours like it was no big deal.

IMG_1255_edited-1I want to remember that we finally started getting cooler weather and baby wearing wasn’t quite as miserable. Love having you close to me.

IMG_1270_edited-1I want to remember your yoga moves! You are so damn strong. That’s not just me being a proud mama, Dr. Gita is constantly surprised by your strength. IMG_1299_edited-1I want to remember that we tried you in the stroller like a big kid for the first time. You seemed a lot more excited about it than when you’re in your carseat snapped into it.
IMG_1315_edited-1I want to remember that you started solids this month! We tried egg yolk, chicken broth, and bananas. You aren’t sure about bananas yet but I’m sure you’ll be on board soon enough. 
IMG_1399_edited-1I want to remember getting your passport photo. You are supposed to keep your mouth closed (clearly whoever makes the rules at the department of state does not have a child), but every time the gentleman raised the camera up you gave him a big smile. We’ll see if it passes next month when we get your passport. IMG_1409_edited-1I want to remember that we’re seeing the beginnings of a climber. You love to clamp on to any piece of furniture you can, and the bottom of your crib is a favorite. IMG_1403_edited-1I want to remember that you and your brother love spending time with your grandma.
IMG_1427_edited-1I want to remember the beginnings of baby proofing! We’ve removed a few cords that were very enticing and put plugs in the office outlets. More to come soon!

IMG_1448_edited-1I want to remember the teeth! You got your first two teeth this month and they are so dang cute. (They are not cute when they bite while nursing.)IMG_1471_edited-1I want to remember your sleeping face. It’s so peaceful, despite whatever it took to get you asleep. I could watch you sleep for hours. IMG_1414_edited-1I want to remember that I’m doing a good job of not taking myself to seriously. I tried a new carry one day and you ended up like this. Rather than get frustrated, I took a picture so I could share it with my baby wearing group. There is NO perfection in parenting.

Untitled-3I want to remember that you resemble your daddy so much. Here you both are around six months. You definitely have my coloring and petite size, but you have his face. IMG_1143_edited-1I want to remember that you like to roll yourself up like a burrito with your blankets. We’re not even putting them on the ground much anymore because you don’t actually stay on them.

I want to remember that you are starting to get the crawling motions down. It won’t be long before we have a real mover on our hands.
monthsixallI love you, Miss P. So excited for you to experience your first ever fall.

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