day in the life | july 2015

Another ordinary day in our life this month. Greg was traveling for work so it was just me, the kiddo, and the doodle at home. 

Here’s what Wednesday, July 15th, 2015 looked like in our little world…IMG_0935_edited-1Greg is out of town, so I bring Paige into bed with me after her 5:30am feeding. I had a rough night of sleep, and can’t blame P for it. I broke my electronics rule and checked email after a middle of the night feeding only to find something annoying around our condo refinance. I knew I’d have to deal with in the morning and tossed and turned. When I finally fell back asleep around 4:30, the smoke alarm in the office went off for no apparent reason.

We manage to sleep until 8:45 thankfully. We’re on day three of Dad traveling and I’m beat. Single moms are rockstars. When he’s gone I really realize how nice it is when he’s home!
IMG_0938_edited-1Hers and hers. We get Paige changed and dressed for the day and head upstairs for breakfast. For me it’s coffee, eggs, soup, and cantaloupe. I don’t have to do any cooking today as over the weekend I prepped every meal for the three days Greg is gone.

Paige gets boob + bottle. My supply is still not great and we supplement anywhere from two to six ounces each day. So far we’ve kept her off formula and I’m so thankful for all the mamas out there who donate their extra milk.
IMG_0940_edited-1She loves to help hold her bottle. She can’t actually hold it yet, but she puts her little hands on it and tries. This morning she actually didn’t want any extra milk so maybe my latest supplement (#5) is working?

IMG_0942_edited-1After breakfast P plays while I try to organize the desk. I’ve had a very unproductive week and decide that my best bet for the morning is to clean off the desk and get things organized. Maybe that will spur me into action? 

Her smiles kill me (in the best way possible). Anytime you look at her she breaks out into a huge grin and if you move towards her it gets even bigger. No wonder I’m getting nothing done!


Around 10:30 we head downstairs for nap time. The biggest change from last month is that P takes naps in her crib. I don’t have to wear her for every nap! I still do sometimes because I love the snuggles, but I also love the breaks.

We nurse, drink our bottle from breakfast plus another ounce, and rock for a solid 35 minutes. Nothing. Just staring at me wide eyed. I put her in the crib to see if she’ll fall asleep on her own and head back to my office project.
IMG_0945_edited-1Nope. Twenty minutes later she’s started to cry. I get her and bring her back upstairs, trying the swing to see if it has any sleepy dust. Nope. But that smile. Still killing me. She happily swings for NINETY MINUTES but won’t fall asleep. I eat lunch and continue to organize the office, work through the refi issue, and try to find someone to finally fix our oven. IMG_0949_edited-1Paige starts fussing around 12:45 and we snuggle on the couch for her lunch. She eats for two minutes then passes out. Not shocking since she’s been awake for four hours, instead of her normal two. The nap is great except that we need to leave in 15 minutes to meet a friend. I contemplate canceling our walk plans with Talia, but decide I really need to get out of the house and talk to an adult.

We pack up, including the doodle, and head to Ballard. 
After picking up Talia we arrive at Discovery Park. I’m in need of a good walk and so is Alfred. Paige almost immediately falls back asleep in the carrier so I don’t feel too bad about interrupting her nap. IMG_0954_edited-1Thankful for friends who are by my side as I figure out this mama thing. Also thankful to live somewhere so beautiful. 
IMG_0958_edited-1We arrive back home around 3:30 and I figure I better make my smoothie and freeze some more fruit. I do not like smoothies (and I don’t really love fruit), but my latest supplement is much cheaper in powder form. It’s way too gross to choke down just mixed in water so I’ve been having it in a smoothie, in my breakfast soup, and in my chili at night. I have to get five 1/2 teaspoon servings in each day. 

IMG_0960_edited-1I haven’t had a chance to get the dry cleaning in this week so I pack P in the stroller and we walk to the cleaners to drop it off. We rarely use the stroller, so I figure this is a good way to put the several hundred dollar contraption to use. The stroller is fine, she and I just much prefer baby wearing right now.

IMG_0966_edited-1After the short walk to the dry cleaners we’re back in the office. I easily spend 75% of my waking hours in this room. While I finish organizing, I set Paige on the pink blanket. I look up a few minutes later and she’s maneuvered herself to her play mat. That’s the first time I’ve noticed her move with intention. It’s crazy how she is just learning new skills left and right.
IMG_0967_edited-1 Around 6pm P falls asleep in her swing. The evening nap is always a short catnap so I grab my dinner and read for a few minutes. IMG_0968_edited-1The evening nap is always a short catnap so I grab my dinner quickly and read for a few minutes. Still trying hard to read rather than play on the internet when I have a few spare moments. Some days are better than others. IMG_0975_edited-1We have a bedtime routine now, which is really fun and a family affair as Alfred usually likes to join in as well. When Paige starts to get cranky, usually around 7:30, we head down to her bedroom.

She gets down to her diaper and we have a little playtime on the floor. We change her and put on her pajamas and then Greg and I switch nights picking out and reading the book. Tonight we read Goodnight Gorilla. We’re having fun going through her little library.

I nurse her/give her a bottle until she falls asleep and then transfer her into her crib, where she sleeps now! . She’s out by 8:30 (and usually sleeps for four or five hours. In total she sleep about 12 hours with three wake-ups).

I head back upstairs to clean the kitchen and straighten the house. I’m feeling a little wired so I read until Greg gets home from the airport and we head to bed around 10:45.

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