Menu Monday

Since we eat the same things week in and week out, I thought maybe instead of continuing to post menus I’d switch to posting new recipes when I try them. And they succeed.

We bought a BBQ this weekend and I’m in heaven. Easy cooking that doesn’t heat up the house – win, win. A few years ago I tried this recipe for  red curry chicken skewers and remembered it today when I was deciding what to do with leftover chicken from a party we had last night. Ten minutes of prep time, hands-off marinating time, and ten minutes to cook. So easy.

We ate the skewers over TJs broccoli slaw with goddess dressing. I hate to admit I used goddess dressing (or suggest you use it) as the ingredients are really terrible, but we were feeding eight friends last night and I had limited prep time so I used it for a salad. We didn’t use it all and it worked perfectly with the broccoli slaw and Thai flavors, so I used it again. If I was doing this on a whole 30 or being more careful about ingredients, Sunshine sauce would be perfect.


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