Project Life: Week 15

For the first time this year, I’m pretty behind. Two or three weeks at this point. April was a long, hard month and I finally gave up on trying to keep up until things calmed down. There’s nothing wrong with doing it down the road, I just lose details of the week’s stories the longer I go before putting the spread together. My memory definitely isn’t what it used to be.

My plan is to enjoy the amazing weather we are having this week (fact: yesterday, Seattle had the highest temp in the nation, tied with Phoenix) and when the low 60s and rain roll back in on Sunday, hole up with some coffee and get myself caught up.

Week 15. I just stepped outside to take photos of this week’s spread and cringed. The week we decided to paint the living room. Awful times a million! My MIL sent a few pictures of Alfred digging up her backyard. And taco salad makes a second appearance in 2013. I might have also eaten it for dinner tonight. IMG_2147_edited-1IMG_2149_edited-1 IMG_2150_edited-1

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