Menu Monday + Weekend Highlights

I have an easy menu this week and managed to cook & prepare every last thing throughout the day. My favorite type of weekend cooking is when we have no plans on Sunday and I can just spread it out throughout the day. It feels like I spent no time in the kitchen, but I have every meal through Thursday lunch sitting ready to go. Actually, Thursday’s chicken is in the freezer because three days is my cooked meat limit in the fridge. IMG_2044_edited-1

Breakfasts: hard boiled eggs w/ homemade mayo + hot sauce, over spinach.

Lunches: roasted chicken thigh and broccoli + mixed greens with Tessemae’s dressing

Dinners: ground pork and zucchini with Rogan Josh seasoning over spaghetti squash, topped with Moroccan dipping oil

I have a crazy busy week coming up, so I went so far as to pack my dinner into quick microwavable dishes for each night. And yes, those are Christmas pajamas.IMG_2042

This weekend I had time to cook a few times, finally. Pizza soup is one of the easiest tasty meals that you can put together from the freezer and pantry within twenty minutes. I tried a new asparagus recipe (from a book, so no link) and got creative with salmon for dinner on Sunday. So yum with a bottle of pinot and a few episodes of West Wing.

IMG_2049 IMG_2047Tip #3: Have multiple sets of measuring cups and spoons. I have three sets of spoons and two sets of cups. I usually use two while doing my weekly cooking, one for liquid and one for dry. Keep a paper towel handy to wipe down each one after use.

After two weekends alternating being out of town, we had a weekend with ZERO plans. So nice! We went to our local neighborhood restaurant on Friday night, had Mexican food with good friends on Saturday night, and had an overall lazy and productive weekend. We cancelled a few fun plans we had made for the summer in hopes of keeping with our “relax” theme for the year.

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