Meal Plan Monday {Edition: Late}

I didn’t do any cooking this weekend because I was in LA throwing a baby shower for the bestie. Excellent reason not to cook! But, I’m still eating good, clean food (let’s pretend I didn’t eat the two cake pops I took home as favors earlier today) because I made extra last weekend.

For breakfast I’m having a mix of these two casseroles, which I’ve linked to many times. And for lunch I’m having chocolate chili over spinach. I have two nights of leftover meatballs with green salad then I need to deal with dinner. Which probably means Chipotle, if we’re being honest.

Anyway, I wasn’t even going to post this but my weekend cooking tip last week actually got a comment, so I thought I’d post another one.

Tip #2: Be reasonable about how much you bite off. The first few times I did this I tried to cram a full week’s worth of food making into an hour, which is unreasonable. I was left with a kitchen disaster (see Tip #1) and a bunch of half cooked food. Here are some ideas that I think are reasonable for a beginner.

  • No time: Find 15 minutes. Your waistline and your pocket book will be happier even if you can only manage a couple of meals at home. Brown two pounds of ground beef with a chopped up onion. Now you have the base for 6 or 7 quick meals (try adding some spices + frozen veggies and you have a complete meal with just a few more minutes). My favorite is taco salad. Add taco seasoning (can do this when you reheat the meat) and throw whatever else sounds good. Bonus points: hardboil half or a full dozen eggs while you brown the meat. 
  • An hour: Make a breakfast casserole (10 minutes + 40 minutes to bake) and cook a main dish protein to cover a few dinners, like browning ground meat or cooking chicken thighs (throw in with the breakfast casserole). While the casserole and meat cooks, make some sort of sauce to drizzle on the meat and jazz it up. You might even have time to prep some veggies to go with your meat + sauce, but be reasonable. Bonus points: throw a spaghetti squash in the oven while the other items bake. Spaghetti squash + meat + sauce = happy belly at dinnertime.

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