Project Life: Week One

We had a pretty uneventful weekend so I was able to finish my first week pages for Project Life. I doubt I’ll ever be this caught up in the next 51 weeks, but hopefully it also won’t take me hours to complete as I get better at PSE.

I’m letting go of perfection to keep up. All my images don’t have the same rounded corners (for the life of me I can’t figure that out in PSE – I’m using the same number but they turn out different, oh well), my text isn’t really lined up exactly on the journal card lines, and I’m sure I could have put more of a theme together. But I love the pages and the imperfections I suppose are a sign of living more and documenting less. Or something like that.

Here’s the two pages for week one – when I have the book printed they will be side by side, first one on the left. PL_2013_Week1 PL_2013_Week1B

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