Week Three

I fell off the blog wagon last weekend after a very busy first week at my new client and then a day of taking care of a food poisoned husband. But I’m back and blogging for the first time on my brand new MacBook Pro. After using Greg’s hand-me-down laptop for the last year plus we decided it was time I get my own. I am in love, the screen on this machine is just amazingly clear.

So, let’s pretend week two never happened and move along to week three, which was much better.

  • Tuesday – early morning 3 mile run
  • Wednesday – AquaFit (aka water aerobics) with Talia and the little old ladies
  • Sunday – 4 mile run around the Ballard Locks

I know this is not at all interesting to anyone, but it keeps me accountable. I’ve been to the grocery store and plan to spend the afternoon, after a dog park trip, cooking or prepping the following:

  • Monday: Ground beef Asian stir fry hot plate
  • Tuesday: Leftovers
  • Wednesday: Slow Cooker Thai Yellow Curry Beef with salad
  • Thursday: Leftovers / out to eat to watch Sounders playoff game
  • Friday: Work dinner for Greg
  • Saturday: Rogan Josh with mashed faux potatoes (cauliflower)
  • Sunday: Leftovers

I’m also making a breakfast casserole for the weekday mornings and baking two packages of chicken thighs to have on hand for easy meals, now that I’m down to just two single servings of chili in the freezer.

I need to get together a post on Roberta and Don’s wedding, too. Nothing much else exciting has happened around here lately and I’m totally okay with that after the whirlwind year 2012 turned out to be.

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