Week One

Today ends my epic five week vacation. And, strangely, I’m really excited about that. I learned last week that I’m a lot better at life when I’m busy. Not over the top busy, but when I’ve got things going on and don’t just have days of free time to do with whatever I want. Had someone told me I’d want to go back to work the week before the wedding, I’d have laughed. But I guess that is the sign of a really good vacation.

I may not have done very much, but I did get my five moves in, and three were even outside.

  1. Tuesday: NRG Bar (weight class) with Talia after work
  2. Thursday: 3-ish mile run with Talia, back just as it started to pour
  3. Friday: Boot Camp at the gym
  4. Saturday: 3 mile walk/hike/run with the dog and hubby at Discovery Park
  5. Saturday: Date night turned into a hike through mud for 75 minutes at a corn maze

I just finished my Sunday cook-up. I spent two hours (more than normal) because at the very last minute I decide to make a Paleo pumpkin pie (okay, but not worth making again) and to try dehydrating sweet potatoes for Alfred (his healthy treats are expensive so I’m trying to make some myself). Here’s what we’re eating this week:

  • Monday: NY Steak with roasted delicata squash
  • Tuesday: Pork chops, spinach, and spaghetti squash drizzled with Moroccan Dipping Sauce
  • Wednesday: Scotch Eggs with a Mexican twist and Cauliflower Cilantro ‘Rice’ (Practical Paleo)
  • Thursday: Leftovers from Wednesday night
  • Friday: Roberta and Don’s rehearsal dinner
  • Saturday: Jalapeño burgers for lunch (Practical Paleo); Roberta and Don’s wedding for dinner
  • Sunday: Cinnamon Beef Stew (Well Fed )

Since I’m trying to eat as much of our freezer inventory as possible before we move, we’re eating a lot of beef and pork. I’m down to a tiny bit of lamb and no chicken or fish. I’ll just order fish and chicken when we go out for the next month or so, I guess.

I don’t really plan weekday breakfast and lunch. For breakfast, I always have hard boiled eggs, homemade mayo (I use a food processor and have also been successful with an immersion blender), hot sauce, raw spinach, and bell pepper slices. If I’m tired of this, I’ll eat leftovers from dinner. On the weekends I’ll make something that involves meat + veggies + eggs. For lunch during the week I eat leftovers, occasionally go out to eat, or I always have individual portions of frozen Chocolate Chili in the freezer that I defrost during the morning, heat in the microwave at work, put on top of raw spinach until it wilts, and top with red onions. During the weekend I plan for one lunch meal sometimes, but there’s usually leftovers or one dinner meal from the week to make that didn’t end up being eaten for whatever reason.

Hopefully I’ll have another healthy week to report on next Sunday. At the very least, I should be more productive since I’ll be busy again. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Week One

  1. Amanda J

    HI, I found you from your comment post over at Holly Would If She Could. My name is Amanda J and I have been helping Holly with her dog Busters diet. I know this is weird, but helping people with Dog Nutrition stuff is just my thing, well my passion, Holly says I should get paid for it and she wants me to start a blog. But..well, Im not willing to take the passion out of it yet. If you have questions please contact me, Id love to help.

    1. Beth Martin Post author

      That is so nice of you! Alfred doesn’t really have any issues, we are just trying to find a less expensive way to feed him healthy food. I’m starting to think it might not exist, but I’m open to any suggestions!


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