Whole40: Day 3

Day three and reaping the rewards of clean eating! Feeling much less bloated from my week of SAD foods as well as sleeping better and being less dehydrated.

For breakfast I had the same meal as yesterday, though I remembered to take a picture and had only half decaf coffee. The cold turkey headache was killing me, so I gave in a bit. You can see that my fried egg skills need improving. You can also see that pastured eggs are so vibrant in color (and taste AMAZING). I added a bit of chili powder, black pepper, and sea salt this morning.


After breakfast I did my first PBF Lift Heavy Things workout. The idea is to get in two of these a week, and once I’m at level four for each exercise I can swap out one LHT workout for the fun Workout of the Week (WOW). Today’s workout was 2 rounds of the following (my numbers following):

30 Push-ups (Level 2): 25, 20
50 Squats (Level 3): 40, 40
20 Overhead Press (Level 1): 20, 20
90s Plank (Level 3): 90, 90

The fifth exercise is pull-ups, but my bar hasn’t arrived in the mail yet. I’m a long way from level four for each move, but I’ll get there. I love that I can squeeze this in any time and that it’s free (minus the $15 I invested in a pull-up bar)!

For lunch I finished off the remaining Paleo chili from the freezer. I could’t face the cold cooked veggies from the cafeteria again, so I picked up a veggie tray. Yes, I did eat the ranch dressing.


On the way home work I had an organic Pink Lady apple – my favorite!

For dinner I made cumin spiced chicken (first recipe from this blog that I thought was just okay) with broccoli (sautéed with coconut oil and garlic) and asparagus (roasted in the toaster oven with sea salt, pepper, and olive oil – new technique thanks to this awesome Paleoista). A decent, hot Paleo meal in under 30 minutes.


Now for confession time. I ate half of this. It was it at the market when I went to get dinner veggies and I thought I’d have a small square. Yeaaahhhh. The sea salt and dark chocolate combo was too much for me. My documenting is totally working though – I didn’t want to admit to earing the entire bar, and I can’t lie on my own blog, so I flushed the second half down the toilet. I can’t be trusted and have further proved that my once a month meat shopping plus farmers market visits is my only hope.


Around 9pm I was starving to I made two scrambled eggs (non-pastured, but better than conventional) with canned salsa that tasted mostly like tomato sauce.

And then I went to bed to get up for the royal wedding!

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