Whole40: Day 1!

In late March and early April I completed a Whole26 (based on the Whole30 plan created by Dallas and Melissa over at Whole9). I felt so great once I hit the two week mark and by week three I was feeling better than I can ever remember. While I lost only 1 pound, my clothes felt great and my stomach flattened out; I fell asleep the second I hit the pillow and woke up feeling refreshed, often before my alarm; my skin looked healthy. The plan was to do the full 30 days (I will admit to having a few diet cokes and tiny bit of rice during my 26 days), but ended up succumbing to some tortilla chips and a margarita on day 27.

I was okay with this and kept my eating clean with just a few drinks the rest of the weekend. Then it all went downhill. I started eating as if I’ve never heard of Paleo or even just healthy eating in general. I now realize that the 26 days was not enough to change my eating habits and as soon as I didn’t have a plan in place, I went nuts. My face is puffy, I am sleeping for eight hours yet still feeling groggy, my stomach looks like I imagine it will someday at three months pregnant. It’s just not pretty.

I’ve decided to do a Whole40 (40 days until we board a plane for Iceland!), with a few changes to how I did my Whole30:

  • Allowing small amounts of dairy for cooking (still sticking to no cheese as a general rule)
  • Allowing red wine and tequilla/vodka with soda water in minimal amounts (no more than 1 per day, but trying to stay away from drinking Mon – Thurs)
  • Skipping the high intensity Boot Camp work-outs in exchange for starting the Primal Blueprint Fitness plan
  • Saying no to the scale – it offers false comfort when I loose weight and unnecessary stress when I gain
  • Documenting my food – with the WordPress app I can easily take pictures and blog my food without having to use my computer
  • Figuring out how to do this moving forward – dont’ have the answer to that, maybe it’s just continuous WholeN plans since I do love goals

Day 1 Food:

For breakfast I had crustless quiche from the freezer (I make it in batches and freeze 8 or 10 servings) with a little guacamole and 2 giants cups of decaf black coffee. The combo of fat, protein and veggies easily keeps me full until lunch time. This was made with pastured eggs and pastured ground pork from my meat CSA and four or five veggies I had leftover at the end of the week.


For lunch I had a bowl of Paleo chili from the freezer (seeing a trend?) and veggies I bought from the cafeteria at work.


I have yet to find a lunch that keeps me full until dinner, so I had two hard boiled eggs and strawberries from Grab N Go at work.


I am a frequent participator in Taco Tuesday, with a Paleo bent. Grass fed beef plus homemade taco seasoning – yum! I also had a side of jalapeno sauerkraut that I bought at the Ferry Building Farmers Market this Saturday.

After dinner I headed out for a one hour walk (4 miles) for my first PBF workout.

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